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Evaluate PDM/PLM: ProductCenter No Sweat Pilot Program

The No Sweat Pilot Program provides an opportunity for Essig PLM to work with you to prove that ProductCenter® Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can streamline your product development efforts, while educating everyone involved:

  • Gain hands-on PDM/PLM experience in your own environment
  • Educate engineering/product teams and management on the value and business benefits to be derived from PDM/PLM
  • Evaluate a PDM/PLM solution with your product information without the risk of information loss
  • Jumpstart your actual PDM/PLM deployment with the results achieved from your ProductCenter pilot
  • No Sweat Pilot cost is fully credited towards your ProductCenter purchase

TheProductCenter SolidWorks Integrator is your conduit to ProductCenter to conveniently access product data, control changes, check status, launch items for approval and manage the Bill of Information directly from the SolidWorks® design environment.

ProductCenter SolidWorks Integrator Highlights...

  • Fully integrated within the SolidWorks design environment
  • External Reference, Part and Assembly Configuration Management
  • Comprehensive Change Process Management
  • Generate eBOM directly from the SolidWorks Assembly
  • Out-of-the-box capabilities for quick, cost-effective deployment
  • Scalable from the workgroup to the extended enterprise
  • Enterprise Application Integration with MRP, ERP, SCM and CRM
  • Migrate existing Legacy Data to maximize ROI
  • Automate "Viewable" Generation for the non-CAD user
  • Advanced Search Capability for Design Reuse
  • Security and Regulatory Compliance for ISO, FDA, RoHS, WEEE


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If you are interested in learning more about ProductCenter, Essig PLM’s proven PDM/PLM solution, now is the time!

Customer Testimonial

“Managing our SolidWorks product information was a key factor in our decision to purchase ProductCenter. The ability to manage SolidWorks drawings and models down to the part and assembly configurations level helps us to accurately document our product design efforts. We have streamlined our product design processes as we have more visibility for design reuse and data sharing.”

-Chad Thelen, IT Project Coordinator/Support Hayward Tyler, Inc.