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10 Critical PLM Facts Every Executive Should Know

10 Critical PLM Facts Every Executive Should KnowAn Executive Briefing PLM White Paper

This paper is a follow on to the Top 10 PLM Pitfalls to Avoid white paper summary, which has been downloaded by thousands of leading manufacturers and covered in major industry publications around the globe. Like its predecessor, this new paper is designed to be an easily-read but powerful educational tool on PLM, geared to you as a busy executive to help you prepare for PLM in your business.

Written by leading PLM authority, author, consultant, and speaker John Stark of John Stark Associates(, this paper will quickly bring you up to speed on PLM. It lays out what PLM is, it isn't, and what PLM can realistically do for your businesses in terms of financial and business performance. It encapsulates John Stark's experience, providing practical knowledge on how to get your PLM initiative staffed, organized, up and running and delivering maximum business benefit in as little time as possible. Download this paper today to find out more:

  • How PLM improves management of your products at each phase of the product lifecycle from the first spark of an idea, when a product is created/defined, produced, in use with your customers, and finally disposed of - but in a much more congruent fashion, with better visibility at every stage, and repeatable success time after time.
  • How PLM can make your company more nimble to respond to business pressures, from increased competition, globalization, regulatory compliance, shareholders or the most consistent pressure - to make more money.
  • What realistic BUSINESS benefits can be achieved from PLM in terms of increased revenue, profit margins, faster product introductions, and more. What measures of improvements are other companies realizing with PLM?
  • What PLM can do to help you minimize product risks; very costly risks ranging from customer annoyance to injury or even death of product users that can occur if you lose control of your products.
  • That PLM can't be implemented willy-nilly. It will take time and must be run with clear leadership roles supported from the top down. What are these roles and how do you get your PLM initiative off the ground?
  • That you don't have to be overwhelmed by the enormity of PLM. There are ways to implement PLM that can deliver immediate benefit, spread out the cost, and improve your results and success with PLM, such as a PLM Needs Assessment or Pilot Program.
10 Critical PLM Facts Every Executive Should Know