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Automating Part Number Generation

Automating Part Number GenerationBy managing part numbers in a Product Lifecycle Management system such as Essig PLM's ProductCenter PLM solution, you create a competitive advantage in your product development process and downstream applications by providing early visibility to part number specific information such as material, cost, vendors, physical properties and contractual requirements. ProductCenter as the central source of your company's Bill of Information, as defined by your intellectual property and business processes, not only improves productivity but also accelerates and reduces the cost of delivering products to market.

The goal is to be able to drive measurable benefits from every aspect of your technology investments. The following are among the many benefits of incorporating a part number generation process into your comprehensive PLM strategy:

  • Ensures best practices and corporate standards
  • Promotes part number and design re-use
  • Changing vendor information is easy
  • Global, 7x24 product information availability
  • Shorten Change Management processes
  • Eliminates bottlenecks in the number assignment process
  • Assures that duplicate part numbers are not assigned for different parts
Automating Part Number Generation