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3DViewStation Benefits

High user comfort - state of the art UI

Intuitive handling is one of the basic principles of 3DViewStation. That's why we designed the new UI along the lines of Office 2010, adding some intuitive ribbons.

High performance - your time is money

You need to be able to complete your tasks in a continuous flow, which is why we have ensured that the import interfaces with the various CAD systems function as quickly as possible. And now that 3DViewStation is available in a 64-bit version as well, all previous storage limits have gone out the window. Step on the gas pedal and utilize our internal data format whenever you need maximum performance!

70% of all users...

... look for an intuitive, easy to use application to load 3D CAD data quickly, and for options to measure, slice, and compare components and assemblies quickly and easily. We have done our best to ensure that your work with 3DViewStation is a real pleasure.

Technical documentation and collaboration 

Technology editors are always on the lookout for intuitive solutions to map and display products in various states. They need to hide or show parts, color parts, and create exploded views.

Using the 3DViewStation you simply export the result as an image and integrate it into your work or assembly instruction.

If you prefer communicating your data in 3D, then you will love the export capabilities of 3DViewStation to STEP or 3D PDF.

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