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SolidWorks Connector

Your Direct Connection between Aras Innovator® PLM and SolidWorks®

SolidWorks Connectors for Aras Product Image

The SolidWorks Connector is your conduit to Aras Innovator Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from your SolidWorks desktop.  The SolidWorks Connector is fine-tuned to manage Aras CAD Documents for each SolidWorks drawing, assembly or part represented in the CAD hierarchy.  In addition, the SolidWorks Connector enables you to manage Aras Parts for each of your SolidWorks assemblies and part configurations as they relate to your Aras CAD Documents, and also provides the ability to manage your Aras Bill of Materials (BOM) as the complete as-designed CAD hierarchy.

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  • Direct connection between Aras Innovator and SolidWorks
  • Control SolidWorks Drawing, Assembly and Part documents that are project specific, or as reusable Design Library documents or industry standard Toolbox documents
  • Understand component states of resolved, lightweight, suppressed, virtual, and externally referenced
  • Register, Store and Retrieve operations to manage your SolidWorks documents as Aras CAD Document, Part, and BOM Items
  • Manage the complete as-designed SolidWorks BOM allowing for the synchronization of your CAD hierarchy as the complete E-BOM
  • Bi-directional SolidWorks Property to Aras Property Mapping for Aras CAD Documents and Parts
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Use!

System Requirements

Aras Innovator 11.0 SP7 and later

SolidWorks2017, 2018, or 2019

The minimum hardware and software requirements for the SolidWorks Connector are the same as those required for SolidWorks and Aras. Please review the Aras Innovator and SolidWorks Documentation for further details. 

SolidWorks Connector Recorded Webinar

SolidWorks Connector Webinar - Recorded: 3/14/2013


Essig PLM is an Aras Certified Partner providing complementary CAD Connector products and CAD/PLM implementation services to help drive your development performance.

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