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ProductCenter Inventor Integrator

ProductCenter Inventor Integrator

Essig PLM would like to extend an invitation to our ProductCenter PLM solution webinar highlighting ProductCenter's advanced interoperability with Autodesk® Inventor®. Through the ProductCenter Inventor Integrator, PLM is right at your fingertips from your Inventor Desktop.
During this webinar, Essig PLM will demonstrate the integration between Inventor and ProductCenter and show how you can work with Inventor Designs including Drawings, Assemblies, Parts and External References that comprise your complete Bill of Information. The ProductCenter Workspace Explorer as a tool to manage your local work environment will also be discussed.
Companies utilizing the ProductCenter Inventor Integrator achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster design cycles
  • Improved ability to meet time and cost constraints for product designs
  • Maximized reuse of parts, components, and other product information
  • Less part redundancy
  • Minimized mistakes