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Best Practices - ProductCenter SolidWorks Integrator

Best Practices - ProductCenter SolidWorks Integrator

You are under constant pressure to shorten design cycles, to reduce product costs and to improve the release to manufacturing. ProductCenter® and SolidWorks® provide the answers as the perfect combination for powerful design and Product Lifecycle Management flexibility.

During this WebCast, Essig PLM will focus on Best Practices for the ProductCenter SolidWorks Integrator and show how you can more effectively work with SolidWorks Designs including Assemblies, Parts, Assembly Configurations, Part Configurations and External References that comprise your complete Bill of Information. The ProductCenter Workspace Explorer as a tool to manage your local work environment will also be discussed.

"The ability to manage SolidWorks drawings and models down to the part and assembly configurations level helps us to accurately document our product design efforts. We have streamlined our product design processes as we have more visibility for design reuse and data sharing."

Chad Thelen
IT Project Coordinator/Support
Hayward Tyler, Inc.

Topics to Present:

  • Everyday Best Practices
    • Setting a solid foundation
  • Advanced Topics
    • Baselines
    • Snapshots
    • Configuration Management
    • Property Mapping