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Ever ask "Can I change the list of columns displayed on my ProductCenter Desktop or Search Results?"

ProductCenter PLM Column Layouts

During this webcast, Essig PLM will provide an update on the ProductCenter 9.3 release and a specific demonstration on the new User Defined Column Layout feature. This release is still in development and not yet ready for customer shipments but we wanted to take some time to share our thoughts on this upcoming release and get your feedback.

Today, when viewing ProductCenter information, you can review a list of items along with a predefined list of ProductCenter attributes. But there are always situations where you want to see more, you might want to see the Last User, and/or the Last Modified Date, and/or the Release Date, and/or the Part Number, and/or Product Line, well now you can!

ProductCenter 9.3 introduces a new User Defined Column Layout feature that will include,

For the End-User

  • Modify your Item Column Layout for all ProductCenter windows
  • Save your Item Column Layout for use between ProductCenter sessions
  • Associate unique Item Column Layouts with each of your saved searches

For the Administrator

  • Ability to define the System Item Column Layout
  • Ability to update various ProductCenter Groups with the System Item Column Layout
  • New Screen Permissions to allow a user to modify their user-specific Item Column Layouts and another Screen Permission to allow a user to access the new Administration -> Column Layout Editor operation