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ProductCenter WebCast! Executive Briefing

ProductCenter WebCast! Executive Briefing

ProductCenter Assessment Program - Executive Briefing

Leveraging Your Investment, Maximizing Your Success

Successfully implementing ProductCenter must involve defining the requirements, the need, the schedule and resources so that you can accurately assess the success of your ProductCenter implementation over time. There are examples where ProductCenter was acquired to manage the Engineering Change and BOM Management processes but due to problems with getting started, or changes in resources, or your executive team decided to acquire a few new companies then you find that there are too many changes and expectations are not clearly met.

We believe that organizations must continually assess their ProductCenter implementation to determine its current ability to meet original expectations, the shortcomings where current expectations are not being met, and to identify ways to leverage investments to improve your business processes and management of intellectual property.

Essig PLM is pleased to announce the ProductCenter Assessment Program. This program is designed to enable your organization to leverage Essig PLM's ProductCenter expertise and their combined decades of real-world ProductCenter implementation knowledge and best-practices. The program is offered at no cost as an on-going commitment from Essig PLM to assist in supporting your success.

Please join us for a brief 30 minute webcast that will summarize the components of the ProductCenter Assessment Program, the benefits to you and your organization, and how you can take advantage of it.

Topics Include:

  • Setting Realistic and Achievable Expectations
  • Benefits of Conducting a ProductCenter Assessment
  • The ProductCenter Assessment Process:
    • Components
    • Logistics
    • Deliverables
  • Putting the Results to Work