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Speedy Pro/Intralink to ProductCenter Migration Gets Company on Track to Better Product Data Management and Support for Mixed CAD Environment

Company Background:

This long-standing Essig PLM ProductCenter customer is a leading producer of high-end fitness equipment for the home and commercial environment.

ProductCenter PLM Consulting Solution:

In just one week, Essig PLM's PLM Consultants implemented a solution that migrated approximately 7,000 Pro/Engineer drawings, assemblies, and parts into ProductCenter. This was no small task when you considered the effort included batchloading the files, capturing the dependency and instance information, creating links between related information, and populating ProductCenter attributes with data extracted from the Pro/Engineer models and drawings.


Through the results of the efforts of Essig PLM's Professional Services, this company was able to achieve:

  • Minimize downtime during a major data migration task.
  • Implement a comprehensive ProductCenter PLM solution that supported their mixed CAD environment, which wasn't possible with Pro/Intralink