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Quick Migration of Company's Text-based Legacy System Bills of Material (BOM) Into ProductCenter; Improves Control and Facilitates Ability to Exchange BOMs with Other Enterprise Systems

Company Background:

This Essig PLM customer is a leading provider of private and public network security solutions. The company's security solutions are available in different forms, including software, silicon, accelerator cards, network appliances, and intellectual property. A wide variety of data is managed in their ProductCenter system, including Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, and Autodesk data, quality assurance documents, legal contracts, and even software.


As a new customer to ProductCenter this company needed a fast, efficient way to migrate its legacy text-based bills of material (BOM) over to ProductCenter for management by the ProductCenter® PLM BOM Editor.

ProductCenter PLM Consulting Solution:

Essig PLM Professional Services built a ProductCenter PERL programming toolkit that very quickly converted the company's text-file based BOMs into ProductCenter compliant XML files. In XML format, these BOMs could then be easily loaded into the ProductCenter BOM Editor utilizing ProductCenter's BOM Import capabilities. Now in XML format also, these BOMs can be shared and exchanged with the company's ERP system if the company chooses to do so later, saving re-keying BOM data between systems and the errors that can occur.


Through the results of the efforts of Essig PLM's Professional Services, this company was able to achieve:

  • A very, quick and inexpensive solution to load their legacy BOM data into ProductCenter.
  • All the benefits of XML-based BOMs including the ability to now exchange this data with the company's ERP system