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Web-based ProductCenter User Admin Program Simplifies Global User Administration

Company Background:

This very long-standing ProductCenter customer is a globally diversified industrial manufacturer that serves the Heavy Equipment Automotive and Truck, Commercial Institutions and Government, Industrial Facilities and Utilities, Military Defense, Commercial Aerospace, Residential, and the Sports and Leisure markets. It employs over 200 manufacturing locations and sells to customers in over 50 countries throughout the world.


With global operation, this company had established local ProductCenter PLM administrators at various sites including Italy. For security reasons, the company didn't want multiple administrators setup with full ProductCenter data base administration (DBA) privileges). However, they did want to enable outlying administrators to add/delete authorized users and to set up user access and permissions quickly and easily. They called on Essig PLM Professional Services to create a scheme that would enable them to set up standard user templates that could be copied to save filling out similar information each time.

ProductCenter PLM Consulting Solution:

Essig PLM Professional Services accomplished these goals through the implementation of a custom web-based user account administration utility. This allowed remote administrators to very quickly add or update user accounts by utilizing pre-completed user account profiles, which could be copied to the new user account and then edited.


Through the results of the efforts of Essig PLM's Professional Services, this company was able to achieve:

  • Globally dispersed PLM administrators can perform certain administrative functions like adding new users without having to wait for the DBM
  • Eliminates need to retype similar use profile information each time