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3DSemantixTraditional search engines rely on comparison and search capabilities based on part numbers and descriptions alone. While this method can be very useful, its limitations do not allow companies to fully optimize their parts management due to issues such as inconsistent standards and classifications, limited part number conventions and native language dependence. The advanced geometry-based search capability of 3DPartFinder accurately identifies similar parts and duplicates thereby enabling part reuse. It also promotes knowledge re-use in core engineering while minimizing time and expenses associated with designing or purchasing duplicate parts.

3DPartFinder is a revolutionary shape search product that brings simplicity, not unlike that of Google™, to your search for parts. 3DPartFinder finds and displays parts based on your search criteria.

The initial search can be done in various ways. One approach is to load an existing file of the target part and launch 3DPartFinder. Another approach is to sketch the 3D shape of the target part in your CAD application, and then have the search engine find similar parts.

Suitable matches are displayed in a CAD assembly that ranks them according to their similarities for further analysis. Users can rotate any part in the assembly and access any detailed information or function available in your CAD application as necessary. The user can easily launch another search using any file results returned by the first search. Users can tell the search engine how many results to return.

Use a 3D shape to find parts with 3DPartFinder

  1. Start with a Rough Sketch or an Existing Part
  2. Launch the search with 3DPartFinder
  3. Results are displayed in a CAD assembly (this example is from a Rough Sketch)

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